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Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency


In the last ten years or so, a new asset class has swept the globe—digital assets and cryptocurrency. It began with Bitcoin in 2009 and has since expanded into thousands of different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the first and largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is widely considered the gold standard of the asset class. Over time, other […]

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Investing With the Business Cycle

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A “business cycle” refers to the periodic expansion and contraction of a nation’s economy. Also known as an “economic cycle,” it tracks the different stages of growth and decline in a country’s gross domestic product, or economic activity. Business-cycle investing is not an exact science and past performance isn’t indicative of future returns. Investors can […]

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Understanding the Different Types of Retirement Plans

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Retirement will likely be the biggest expense of your lifetime, which means saving for retirement is a big job. This is especially true if you envision a retirement that is rich with experiences such as traveling through Europe, spending time with your grown children and grandkids, or turning your home into a Wild Kingdom of […]

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